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A few days later, the old rival Henan Jianye, who was "returning to the nest" with foreign aids, was fought again. The Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao team, which was also almost returning to the main force, finally won the victory without any risk, and locked in the top of the Dalian division 2 rounds ahead Top spot, head up into the championship group. Of course, if this game weren't for goalkeeper Liu Dianzuo's surprise in the second half, the tie might be a more reasonable result, after all, both sides played well in half. However, the world of competitive sports is so full of unknowns. Opportunities on the court are fleeting. Once you have not grasped it well, you have no regrets and you can only accept the result of the loss of hatred.




There are not many things that can be analyzed in the game against Jianye. After all, the two sides are already very familiar with each other, and there are obvious differences in strength. On the contrary, the situation after this game can be discussed. Since the results of the first stage do not lead to the second stage of competition, for the Evergrande team, the remaining two games against Suning and Dalian have lost their practical significance at the competitive level. However, for these two opponents themselves, they still have the determination and desire to win: Suning wants to compete with Luneng for second place, so after entering the championship group, they can face a relatively weak opponent; Fourth, there is little hope, but there are too many possibilities in competitive sports. You can't give up until the end! Therefore, the two teams are more eager to win than Evergrande. In this case, what should Cashuai do so as not to waste the opportunity of these two matches and help the team continue to move forward?




The answer is not difficult. In fact, Cannavaro has already given a clear answer in the post-match press conference-this is a very clear instruction from the club, or this is one of our goals: to cultivate more pairs A helpful young player in Chinese football. There is no need for me and Boss Xu to communicate, this is a very clear instruction. We still try our best to give prepared young players more opportunities...




Indeed, after the Evergrande team locked the top spot in advance, there are two things that Kashuai can do and must do:




Everything is to train more high-quality young people for Chinese football. Evergrande has been working hard, and Kashuai has been implementing it. Now facing the remaining 2 rounds, he has no desires and desires for himself, but his opponents will still take it seriously. Isn’t this an excellent opportunity to train soldiers? It is undeniable that the great achievements of all the main players have worked hard to get back the opportunity for young players to exercise. In addition, Kashuai has always insisted on upgrading and is also good at stimulating the potential of young people. It can be said that it is the joint effort of the whole team. It has created this hard-won situation at the moment, so young teenagers should cherish it even more...




In the Guangzhou Evergrande first team, it is very challenging for young players not to talk about playing games, but also for their usual training. They will use all their abilities to train young players, and they will also use the opportunity to let young players participate in the game. Therefore, in the second half against Henan Jianye, the team feels that the desire to win is not strong, so that the scene is procrastinated, and the situation is not desperate enough, which can be used as a warning, and it must not happen again in the future. The Evergrande team is under the mechanism of healthy competition. Of course, these young players know that the opportunity to play is hard to come by, and they will never waste it arbitrarily. They will definitely be able to maintain a strong desire to win, cherish every opportunity to play, and do their best to show themselves and help the ball. The team wins.




Kashuai hopes that this season will be the same as last season, cultivate a large number of young players, re-prove the value of many young players, and eventually win the championship. This is the best result, the team still needs to work hard, then from the next game, come on.




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