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Prior to this, Portugal and Sweden had a European League group match. This game was originally the Conferred God stage where Ronaldo continued to attack the record, but unexpectedly he missed the competition because of a sudden diagnosis. However, without the big brother, the Portuguese youth army did not play badly, on the contrary, they are as stable as ever. Throughout the game, the Vikings were rubbed on the ground by the Five Shields. If the goalkeeper hadn't played well, the team would have lost terribly. In the end, with Liverpool’s new aid Jota’s 2 shots and 1 pass, Portugal, without Ronaldo, won a big victory at home. After the game, Portugal continued to rank first in the group, one step closer to qualifying directly. Seeing such a result, Ronaldo, who is in isolation, must be very happy.


In this game, the Portuguese midfielders played well. They firmly controlled the situation on the field. Although the overall ball possession rate was at a disadvantage, the swift and brutal firepower made the Swedish defensive players "overwhelmed." In addition to the midfielder, the two Portuguese backcourt players are also worthy of a table, they are Pepe (37 years old) + Dias (23 years old) combination of young and old. In this game, the two of them were very active, desperately grabbing the ball and running actively; and the defense was solid, like two Dinghai Shenzhen needles. It is also because of their steel defensive line that the Portuguese offensive players are able to freely gallop forward. In fact, the two of them played well not only in this game, but also in the last 5 games.


In the last 5 games, Portugal has encountered Croatia, Sweden (played twice), Spain, and France in the UEFA Europa League group stage and warm-up match. Obviously, these teams have good strength, especially the attack line, which is very luxurious. However, the outstanding strikers in these teams did not pose any threat to Pepe and Dias. In these 5 games, Portugal only lost 1 goal, and in the face of Spain and France, the team did not lose 1 goal. You must know that France’s luxury attack line and Spain’s striker talents are quite brutal. of. There is no need to say anything about a game. Many games are like this, so it's worth touting.


Although Pepe has been out of the five major leagues for some time, and his 37-year-old physical function is not as good as before, he is still on the court. The lack of movement speed and responsiveness made him rely on a strong body and rich experience to make up for it. In front of him, an attacker must not be careless. Don't have any thoughts because he is old and can't run, or he will deflate you. For example, in this round, Pogba launched a quick counterattack after stealing the ball in the backcourt, and after taking the ball to the frontcourt, he divided the ball to Mbappe. After receiving the ball, Mbappe saw the old Pepe in front of him. , He was ready to use his own ultimate move, and wanted to crush the opponent through speed before shooting. As everyone knows, as soon as Mbappe received the ball, the road in front of him was blocked by Pepe. After that, he had to dribble the ball horizontally, but how could Peppe give a chance? Pei walked aside. In the end, Mbappe not only did not get a shot, but instead took the ball out of bounds and lost the ball. Your uncle is still your uncle!

尽管佩佩已经退出五个大联盟已有一段时间了,他37岁的身体机能不如以前,但他仍在场上。由于缺乏运动速度和反应能力,他依靠身体强壮和丰富的经验来弥补这一不足。在他面前,攻击者一定不要粗心。没有任何想法,因为他年纪大而且无法跑步,否则他会让你失望。例如,在本轮比赛中,波格巴在后场偷球后发起了快速反击,并将球带到前场后,将球分配给姆巴佩。接到球后,姆巴佩看见老佩佩在他面前。 ,他已经准备好使用自己的最终举动,并希望在投篮前通过速度压垮对手。众所周知,姆巴佩(Mbappe)接到球后,眼前的路就被佩佩(Pepe)堵住了。在那之后,他不得不水平运球,但是Peppe怎么给机会呢?裴走到一边。最后,姆巴佩不仅没有射门,反而将球带出界外并丢了球。你叔叔仍然是你叔叔!

Unlike Pepe’s experience in the South and North Wars, Diaz is a fledgling young man. Although he has made some achievements in the Portuguese Super League, it is not worth mentioning. However, there are real treasures hidden in his young body. Diaz doesn't have much experience on the court, but he is very sophisticated defensively. He knows how to use his body, he knows how to predict where the ball will fall, and he rarely shovels easily. After watching his game, people who didn't know thought he was an old greasy man on the green field. For example, in this round, Sweden took advantage of a quick set-kick opportunity to form a blitz. The ball was sent to the penalty area. As long as the ball can reach Kwaisen's feet at the last moment, the proper goal will never be scored. The best opportunity is here. Regrettably, all of this was seen through by Dias, who implemented a precise interception midway through the ball. No wonder Guardiola favors him very much and regards him as a treasure. There is a reason.


Although Pepe and Dias are 14 years apart, they have missed each other by one decade, and they have not played together for a long time, it can be said that there are not a few games, but their central defender combination seems very tacit. When defending, they have a detailed division of labor, and there is no conflict at all. If one person is to mark the opponent's center forward, the other person will act as an observation post nearby to prevent the opponent's surprise attack or provide support to each other in time; if the opponent's striker player Running back and forth, then they can move flexibly and cross-shift at the right time to avoid missing people. For example, in this round, Pogba launched a counterattack after taking the ball in the midfield, while Giroud acted as a siege hammer to ambush in front of Portugal’s goal and wanted to mess things up, but Grand Giroud did not find a gap in the attack from beginning to end. Because Pepe and Dias are connected too closely and tacitly. When they retreated, the two of them stared at Giroud. As long as he moved one of them, he would walk forward and die with him, while the other would wander nearby waiting for an opportunity.


A central defender is not fragrant, not to see how he performs in a game, nor to see if he is playing a weak team to kick the strong team to pull the hips, but to see if he can continue his state and be stable in every game . Obviously, the combination of Pepe and Dias is very stable. In the match between Portugal and Croatia, Pepe got 0 steals, 2 interceptions and 5 clearances, Dias got 5 steals, 0 interceptions and 7 clearances, a total of 5 steals, 2 interceptions and 12 clearances; in Portugal In the first game against Sweden, Pepe got 3 steals, 2 interceptions and 4 clearances, Diaz got 1 steal, 0 interceptions and 7 clearances, a total of 4 steals, 2 interceptions and 11 clearances; In the match between Portugal and France, Pepe got 1 steal, 1 interception and 4 clearances, Diaz got 0 steals, 1 interception and 3 clearances, a total of 1 steal, 2 interceptions and 7 clearances; in Portugal and In the second game in Sweden, Pepe got 1 steal, 4 interceptions and 6 clearances, Diaz got 2 steals, 4 interceptions and 6 clearances, a total of 3 steals, 8 interceptions and 12 clearances. Moreover, in the ratings of authoritative organizations, Pepe and Dias have not low ratings in these games. (Friendly match data not included)

一个中央后卫不是很香,不是看他在比赛中的表现,也不是看他是否打弱队踢强队拉臀部,而是看他是否可以继续他的状态并在比赛中保持稳定。每场比赛。显然,Pepe和Dias的组合非常稳定。在葡萄牙和克罗地亚之间的比赛中,佩佩获得0次抢断,2次拦截和5次入网许可,迪亚斯获得5次抢断,0次拦截和7次入网,总共5次抢断,2次拦截和12次入网;在葡萄牙对阵瑞典的第一场比赛中,佩佩获得3次抢断,2次拦截和4次入网,迪亚兹获得1次抢断,0次拦截和7次入网,总共4次抢断,2次拦截和11次入网;在葡萄牙和法国的比赛中,佩佩获得1次抢断,1次拦截和4个出场许可,迪亚兹获得0次抢断,1次拦截和3个出局,总共1次抢断,2次拦截和7次出场;在葡萄牙和瑞典的第二场比赛中,佩佩获得1次抢断,4次拦截和6个许可,迪亚兹获得2次抢断,4次拦截和6个许可,总共3次抢断,8次拦截和12个许可。而且,在权威机构的评分中,Pepe和Dias在这些游戏中亚博最新网站是多少的评分不低。 (不包括友好的比赛数据)

Fragrant, really scented! Pepe is getting older and more demon, Dias's future can be expected! Earlier, I had analyzed and looked forward to Portugal's lineup and expressed expectations. However, at that time, many people were not optimistic about this Portuguese team of old, Chinese and youth, especially the central defender led by Pepe and Dias. Some people thought that such an old monk and such a tender boy could do? If facing a strong team and not being severely "Jiao Zuo Ren", this line of defense is probably going to be beaten into a screen. But the result? Facts have proved that this pair of young and old is as stable as a mountain, not bad at all. I have to say that Santos still has two brushes for selecting and employing people. Counting the midfielder and a few good full-backs, Portugal's future is really promising.




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