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At the end of April, after China Reading Group announced the adjustment of its management team, there were voices on the Internet saying that China Reading Group would launch a "new contract" for creators, which was accused of having many "overlord clauses." At the same time, there are rumors that reading essays will change the paid reading mode of online literary works, and "forced to promote free reading." This means that the income of online literary authors may be affected, and some readers worry that there will be fewer and fewer high-quality online literary authors and the original ecology of online literature will be destroyed.


Although the Reading Group soon stated that "all free reading" rumored by the outside world is impossible and unrealistic, and there is no need to worry about it, but the topic of "free online articles" represents the impact and challenge on traditional cultural transmission methods. It has attracted a lot of attention.


If the "free web-text" storm comes true, the creator community will be greatly affected, then if we reversely imagine, if all live broadcasts of football games in the future are to be watched for a fee and the interests of the viewers are challenged, then you will watch Is it a ball game?


At present, the domestic broadcast of football matches, the fee system is still in the groping stage.


In terms of broadcasting, traditional TV platforms and network platforms each account for half of the sky. Traditional platforms are naturally free lunches. However, due to the fact that fans have no habit of paying and the attractiveness of the Chinese Super League is limited, the online platform does not directly implement a paid viewing model. Instead, it is mainly free and provides personalized fee-based services such as advertising. , Clarity improvement or famous mouth commentary, etc., the price is between a few yuan to a dozen yuan, and there are team bags that charge about 100 yuan, but the number of purchases is not large. In general, fans can basically meet their viewing needs without paying.

在广播方面,传统电视平台和网络平台各占一半。传统的平台自然是免费的午餐。但是,由于球迷没有付费习惯,而中国超级联赛的吸引力有限,在线平台并未直接实现付费观看模式。相反,它主要是免费的,并提供个性化的收费服务,例如广告。 ,清晰度改善或著名的口碑评论等,价格在几元到十几元之间,并且有团队包,收费约100元,但购买数量并不多。一般而言,粉丝无需付费即可基本满足其观看需求。

As for on-site watching, it is natural to charge tickets, but domestic teams also have difficulties in this regard.


In the first year of the 2004 Super League, the average price of a single ticket for the 12 teams was almost 30-50 yuan per ticket. The most expensive one was Shanghai International's 150 yuan, and the highest package price was Shandong Luneng's 1380 yuan. After more than ten years of development, the current Super League has been in line with the world in burning money, but the price of tickets still maintains its own rhythm.


The single-game ticket price of giant teams has increased significantly. Taking Evergrande as an example, the price of a single-game ticket is 100-500 yuan, and the package ticket is 1,000-2500 yuan, and the average price is 67-167 yuan per game. The price of Luneng's ordinary package does not rise but falls, up to 1,200 yuan. Single-game ticket prices for mid- and lower-level teams are mainly around 60-100 yuan. As for the tickets for middle A and middle B, it is still maintained at 20-50 yuan, and there are often free or ticket delivery activities.


Compared with China, the system of the five major European leagues is more mature and stable, and their fees are naturally higher.


When it comes to high fees, the Premier League will naturally bear the brunt. In terms of live broadcast, most people watch the game through Sky Sports or BT Sport, which costs around £40 a month. In terms of ticket pricing, the Premier League is often complained. According to UEFA statistics (2018 season data, the same below), the average ticket price for all Premier League teams is almost 33 pounds. The average season ticket price is around 450 pounds, the most expensive is Arsenal, close to 900 pounds all year round.

当涉及到高额费用时,英超自然首当其冲。在现场直播方面,大多数人通过Sky Sports或BT Sport观看比赛,每月费用约为40英镑。在票价方面,英超联赛经常受到抱怨。根据欧足联的统计数据(2018赛季数据,下同),所有英超联赛球队的平均票价都接近33磅。平均季票价格约为450磅,最昂贵的是阿森纳,全年接近900磅。

La Liga is slightly cheaper to watch the live broadcast, and the minimum cost is 15.95 euros a month. In terms of tickets, the average ticket price of all teams in La Liga is about 34 euros, and there are many types of packages. The cheapest price is around 100-200 euros. The most expensive package for small and medium clubs is generally 600-700 euros. The club’s is around 1,000 euros, and Real Madrid’s can be close to 2,000 euros.


The Bundesliga’s live broadcast charges are more cost-effective, with a minimum fee of 9.99 euros per month; tickets are relatively high. The average ticket price for all teams in the Bundesliga is 35.8 euros, while the average ticket price for Bayern is about 71.8 euros.


In Italy, watching Serie A live broadcasts cost 30 Euros a month. In terms of tickets, the average ticket price for all Serie A teams is about 21.3 Euros. The Ligue 1 is mainly broadcast live through Canal + France, and the monthly fee is about 19 euros. The average ticket price for all teams in Ligue 1 is about 21.9 euros, slightly higher than that of Serie A.

在意大利,观看意甲直播的费用为每月30欧元。就门票而言,所有意甲球队的平均票价约为21.3欧元。 Ligue 1主要通过Canal + France进行直播,月费约为19欧元。联赛1中所有球队的平均票价约为21.9欧元,略高于意甲。

From the data listed above, it is not difficult to see that domestic fans get better price concessions for watching live broadcasts and live games than European fans. However, domestic fans lag far behind Europe in terms of live broadcast ratings and live attendance.


Deloitte Consulting's "China Super League 2018 Commercial Value Evaluation White Paper" shows that in the 2018 season, the Chinese Super League has 479 live broadcasts on traditional media, with a cumulative viewing time of 532 million hours and a cumulative viewing of 340 million people. Compared with the 2016 and 2017 seasons, all data have declined. On the new media platform, the number of live broadcasts of the Super League in the 2018 season remained unchanged, and the cumulative number of viewers increased slightly, but the cumulative duration of viewership fell slightly.


In terms of live games, the average attendance per game in the Super League in 2018 was over 24,000, which is far ahead of the Japanese and Korean leagues, ranking sixth in the world after Bundesliga, English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Mexico Super League and other leagues. But there is no doubt that this is supported by giant teams such as Evergrande, Luneng, and Guoan. Last season, the Beijinger and the empty home stadium are fresh in memory. Sometimes the stadium can accommodate more than 30,000 fans. There are only less than two thousand people. As for the middle class A and middle class B, they often have to pay for free and send tickets to the scene.


In the five major leagues, the ratings and attendance rate are as good as the domestic. In the five major leagues, the Premier League's attendance rate exceeds 95%, ranking first, and the Bundesliga also exceeds 90%. From the perspective of the team, the attendance rate of the Bundesliga classmate Bayern is 100%. If you don’t talk about giants and focus on small and medium teams, the situation is also a crushing trend. For example, Brighton’s attendance rate can reach 98%, and even in the low-level leagues, full stadiums are nothing new. In terms of ratings, the Premier League ratings have been rising year by year around the world, and Serie A ratings have gradually recovered after Ronaldo’s arrival, and "Huang Saren" is the ratings guarantee for La Liga Bundesliga.


If there is no charge, if the charge system is really implemented, coupled with repeated prohibitions on piracy links, the ratings of domestic football matches are likely to drop significantly.


Of course, domestic fans are by no means unable to afford this expense, and it is not economic strength that creates this gap. After all, the problem lies in football culture.


Perhaps fans will think that the competitive level of the domestic league is not high and it is not worth paying for it, but as a fan, this is also the responsibility of their home team and the respect for the players' hard work. It is precisely because football has not really integrated into our culture and everyone's recognition of the team and players needs to be improved, so they will think twice when paying for it. In European and American football powers, football is part of its culture. Even low-level clubs can be integrated into family traditions as a belief. It is not a problem to pay for live broadcasts, and this is also a membership system and the purchase of wealthy fans. Based on the situation of the home team and so on, with this part of the financial source, the club's finances also have an additional pillar.


When it comes to the basis of the football market, China, with a population of over 1.4 billion, is bound to be far ahead of European countries, but the consumption of "football" is far behind. In addition to paying to watch football, including genuine jerseys, official stores around the team, etc., these should be an important source of economic income for the club, but the willingness of "fans" to pay for it is not so strong. In addition to its own business problems, the club’s bankruptcy and bankruptcy are also responsible for the insufficient market for fans. If fans and owners are unwilling to pay, where is the hope of the football market?


Although in a short period of time, domestic fans should not face the problem of "fee to watch the game", but if Chinese football wants to be in line with international standards on both the commercialization and professionalization roads, this is a matter of time. Case. So, if the charging system becomes popular one day, will you still watch the game?


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