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亚博游戏软件-黑龙江与争冠组渐远但也有令人欣慰之处 新援积极

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   Heilongjiang FC won a free kick in the front court. Li Shuai passed the ball into the hinterland of the opponent's penalty area. The foreign aid Evolo scored a header, but missed the goal. The referee's final whistle sounded immediately, and Li Shuai hid his face with both hands and knelt down on the court.


   This scene took place at the last moment of Heilongjiang FC's game against Sichuan Jiu Niu on the 4th. The last round almost overturned Changchun Yatai, the arrival of foreign aid Evolo, and the overwhelming advantage in the second half... all this makes people feel that Heilongjiang FC, which had been invincible in the previous six rounds, is not far from the first victory of the season. However, after 90 minutes of fierce battle, the god of luck still failed to stand by Heilongjiang FC. A draw made Heilongjiang FC, who was fourth in the league last season, is now getting away from the championship group. What can be a bit gratifying is that in recent games, Heilongjiang FC is gradually regaining its status.


In the first round, they lost to Changchun Yatai 1-2. Heilongjiang FC performed impressively when its strength was inferior to its opponents. At least in terms of overall tactical discipline, people can feel this civilian without foreign aid and no big-name star. The team is well-trained; in the following 3 rounds, Sichuan Jiuniu, Kunshan FC and Xinjiang Snow Leopards were evenly tied. Heilongjiang FC's lack of strong offensive ability without foreign aid was magnified. Overall, there was a lack of methods on the offensive end; the first round of the final match Although the team lost 0 to 1 to Nantong Zhiyun, the team’s offensive performance showed improvement; in the sixth round against Yatai, Heilongjiang FC’s offense became apparently smooth, with a lot of wonderful cooperation. In addition to a goal, it was also Created an unsolved case on the door line, almost overturning the opponent.


The performance of the last round of the 1-1 draw with Yatai gave Heilongjiang fans hope. In addition, Cameroon’s high center Evolo joined the team on the 3rd, making it feel that Heilongjiang FC’s first victory of the season might be against the team. Sichuan Jiuniu is here in this game.


   However, since Evolo only came to the team the day before the game, he only had a training session with the whole team. On the 4th, he only appeared on the team's bench. In addition, the captain Ren Jianglong suffered an elbow hit by his opponent in the match against Xinjiang, causing two fractures in his orbit, and he continued to miss the game.

但亚博游戏软件是,由于Evolo仅在比赛前一天才加入球队,因此他只对整个球队进行过培训。 4日,他只出现在球队的替补席上。此外,队长任江龙在与新疆队的比赛中遭到对手的肘部击中,导致他的眶部骨折两次,他继续错过比赛。

   In the first half of the game, Heilongjiang FC was slightly disadvantaged on the scene. After the intermission, Evolo was dispatched, and Heilongjiang FC finally had foreign aid for the first time this season. The team's play style also immediately changed. The midfield press was significantly strengthened, and the sideways, especially the left side, frequently hit to create opportunities for crosses and set kicks and corner kicks. Although Evolo was slightly unfamiliar at his feet, his performance was positive enough. In addition to using his height of 1.96 meters to create a threat in the penalty area, he was also very active in frontcourt response and fighting, especially in the 88th minute of the game. After a header in the pass, it was a pity that Zhao Heng, the opponent's eye-catching goalkeeper, rejected the goal with a limit save. However, many good opportunities still failed to turn into goals in this game. When the good opportunity was missed again at the last moment of the game, another 0-0 draw became a result that Heilongjiang FC had to accept again.


After this campaign, Heilongjiang FC continued to rank fourth in the Changzhou Division with 5 points. With only 3 rounds left in the first stage of the game, the hope of winning the top two and rushing into the championship group was basically dashed. The team has begun. Consider how to play the relegation team. However, in the last three rounds, whether against Kunshan FC, Xinjiang Snow Leopards or Nantong Zhiyun, Heilongjiang FC will still strive to win the first win of the season as soon as possible-winning is very important to the improvement of team morale.


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