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亚博游戏软件_球员推荐 | MOG赛季新登场的球员值得入手吗?

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The MOG season also added a group of players, this time it was a Liverpool special. For the Red Army fans, are you ready to reinforce the lineup? But don't worry before buying a card. Together with EA SPORTS, let's take a closer look at the goodness of these players' cards.

MOG赛季还增加了一组球员,这次是利物浦的特殊时刻。对于红军迷来说,您准备好加强阵容了吗?但是购买卡前请不要担心。与EA SPORTS一起,让我们仔细看看这些球员卡的优点。

Liverpool No. 9, Firmino deserves everyone's attention. Not only is MOG Firmino his strongest season in the game, but more importantly, this Firmino has also evolved a pair of five feet. For mid-range players, the chances of rubbing shots should have been more. Therefore, Firmino, who has upgraded his left foot, is an even more powerful player for players who like to let him play shadow forwards or midfielders.

利物浦排名第9,菲尔米诺值得大家关注。 MOG菲尔米诺不仅是他比赛中最强的赛季,更重要的是,这个菲尔米诺还发展了五英尺。对于中档球员来说,投篮的机会应该更多。因此,对于喜欢让他打影子前锋或中场的球员来说,升级左脚的Firmino是一个更加强大的球员。

Speaking of Firmino playing the front midfielder, here we have to add one more sentence. Putting Firmino on the front midfielder will have a pleasant surprise. At this time, his score will come to 98.


Under normal circumstances, double five-legged players can also contribute a good performance, and Firmino is no exception. Here we can find that Fermino’s score will not change even after he is on the side, so we can also try to make him break from the side. With his dribbling ability and fancy, I believe he can also contribute on the side. Excellent play.


MOG Salah can be seen as a low-profile 20TOTS Salah. At the right wing position, the overall attributes are basically reduced a little, and then the inverted foot becomes 3, the model remains unchanged, and the characteristics remain unchanged.

MOG Salah可以看作是低调的20TOTS Salah。在右翼位置,总体属性基本上降低了一点,然后倒脚变为3,模型保持不变,并且特性保持不变。

However, although it is a simplified version, MOG Salah is relatively cost-effective. The 21 salary has a score of 100, which is better than 20TOTYN and 19UCL Salah. Friends who are using these two cards can pay attention to MOG Salah, he may be a pretty good choice for reinforcement.

但是,尽管它是简化版本,但MOG Salah相对具有成本效益。 21的薪水得分为100,优于20TOTYN和19UCL萨拉赫。使用这两张卡的朋友可以注意MOG Salah,他可能是加固的不错选择。

The situation in Mane and Salah is similar, with a slight reduction compared to 20TOTS, but in comparison, the shrinkage of Mane is smaller, at least 4.


For Salah and Mane, the MOG season means more to them that this is their strongest season card that can be routinely produced. TOTS and TOTY are now out of print, and their card volume It will only decrease. However, the number of cards in the MOG season will continue to rise. Therefore, I believe that after the price of MOG stabilizes in the future, the Red Arrows of the MOG season will become the cost-effective choice for more Liverpool fans.


Van Dijk’s situation is slightly different from the trident in the front court, because the Dutch captain also appeared in the BOE season, which makes Van Dijk’s price/performance ratio in the MOG season relatively inconspicuous.

Van Dijk的情况与前庭三叉戟的情况略有不同,因为荷兰队长也出现在BOE赛季中,这使得Van Dijk在MOG赛季中的性价比不那么引人注目。

Therefore, compared to other seasons, MOG Van Dijk's advantage is not big. However, the characteristics of Van Dijk in the MOG season are also obvious. For example, in addition to 20TOTS and 20TOTY, MOG Van Dijk is relatively faster and more aggressive (aggressive). Combined with his better stealing ability, this Van Dijk is a more suitable choice for friends who like hand-point center guard defense.

因此,与其他赛季相比,MOG Van Dijk的优势并不大。但是,MOG赛季中Van Dijk的特征也很明显。例如,除了20TOTS和20TOTY外,MOG Van Dijk相对更快,更具攻击性(攻击性)。结合他更好的抢断能力,这名Van Dijk是喜欢手控中后卫的朋友的更合适选择。

MOG Wijnaldum also retained 45 feet, which is consistent with the BOE season, and is the best Wijnaldum so far. However, compared to BOE and 20TOTYN Wijnaldum, MOG Wijnaldum lacks the "competitive heart" feature. For midfield or full-back positions that require frequent running, this feature can be guaranteed. The players are still alive after seventy minutes of flying, which is almost equivalent to playing one more player. Therefore, friends who use BOE or 20TOTYN Wijnaldum can temporarily ignore the MOG season, and it is foreseeable that BOE Wijnaldum The price of the future will be much higher than the MOG season.

MOG Wijnaldum还保留了45英尺,这与BOE季节一致,并且是迄今为止最好的Wijnaldum。但是,与BOE和20TOTYN Wijnaldum相比,MOG Wijnaldum缺乏“竞争心脏”功能。对于需要频繁跑步的中场或后卫位置,可以保证此功能。在飞行了70分钟之后,玩家仍然存活,这几乎等同于再玩一名玩家。因此,使用BOE或20TOTYN Wijnaldum的朋友可以暂时忽略MOG季节,并且可以预见BOE Wijnaldum未来的价格将大大高于MOG季节。

Therefore, relatively speaking, friends who are still using the COC or LH season Wijnaldum can consider using the MOG season to upgrade the midfield. When the MOG price stabilizes in the future, it is a good time to start.


Red Captain Henderson also received a new card. Similar to the Red Arrows, we can also regard Henderson in the MOG season as a reduced version of the 20TOTS season.


Since it is a reduced version, the price will obviously be cheaper. Friends who are still using Henderson in the HOT and BOE seasons can consider this MOG Henderson after the price stabilizes in the future.

由于它是简化版本,价格显然会便宜一些。在HOT和BOE季节仍在使用Henderson的朋友可以在未来价格稳定后考虑使用此MOG Henderson。

Finally, talk about the Red Army prince, Arnold. For a popular star like Arnold, it is an inevitable event that the MOG season does not have a TOTS/TOTY season to play, but it is also an inevitable event that the MOG season will be cheaper.

最后,谈谈红军王子阿诺德。对于像阿诺德这样的受欢迎的球星来说,MOG赛季没有上场TOTS / TOTY赛季是不可避免的事件,而MOG赛季将更便宜也是不可避免的事件。

The same is the silver card. At present, the price of Arnold in the 6-card MOG season is only half of that of the 20TOTS silver card. The attributes of the two are not much different, but the salary of Arnold in the MOG season is lower.


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