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10月12日,2020-2021赛季CBA联赛新闻发布会在京举行,标志着2020-2021赛季CBA联赛正式启动。  中新网 图

On October 12, the 2020-2021 season CBA League press conference was held in Beijing, marking the official launch of the 2020-2021 season CBA League. Chinanews.com Pictured 63 days, this is the shortest and "most active" offseason in the history of the CBA league-62 player transactions and 19 "rookies" joined.

10月12日,2020-2021赛季CBA联赛新闻发布会在北京举行,标志着2020-2021赛季CBA联赛正式启动。 Chinanews.com图为63天,这是CBA League-62球员交易历史上最短,最活跃的休赛期,有19位“新秀”加入。

In the great change, on the afternoon of October 17, the 2020-2021 season CBA will officially kick off in Zhuji, Zhejiang.


A special offseason leads to a special season. In the closed "empty field", a new journey was launched with a tournament system. The entire season was extended to 56 rounds, with the most number of games in history, and the intensity of the game was self-evident.


This may be the charm of the "CBA 2.0 era"-more free player flow, more standardized signing contracts, and more potential newcomers, together to create a more imaginative space, more exciting and suspenseful new season.

这可能是“ CBA 2.0时代”的魅力-更加自由的球员流动,更规范的签约合同以及更多潜在的新人,共同创造了一个更具想象力的空间,更加令人兴奋和悬念的新赛季。

It was only a short period of 2 months from the completion of the "ten crowns of the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team" to the jump ball in Zhuji in the new season. Compared with the 182-day offseason of the previous season, this time, under the special circumstances of the epidemic, it was nearly 4 months short.


What can be done in just 63 days?


The CBA Alliance in the "2.0 Era" gave a brilliant answer——

CBA联盟在“ 2.0时代”给出了一个绝妙的答案-


Xireli River


The unprecedented turnover of personnel is one of the strong evidence that the alliance is more professional. CBA has formulated a more detailed and reasonable contract system that has become the driving force behind it. A more active transfer market brings a new season with more freshness and suspense.

人员空前的流动是该联盟更加专业的有力证据之一。 CBA制定了更加详细和合理的合同制度,这已成为其背后的推动力。更加活跃的转会市场带来了更多新鲜感和悬念的新赛季。

It is worth mentioning that at the new season conference a few days ago, CBA also announced for the first time an increase in the mid-season transfer window, allowing teams to trade players that have completed registration and at the same time claim free agents.



Gao Shiyan“


"A former CBA team manager told The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) reporter, "Changes are positive, but how good the results can be depends on how open the team managers are. "

“一位前CBA团队经理告诉The Paper(www.thepaper.cn)记者,“变化是积极的,但成效如何取决于团队经理的开放程度。 ”

Every active team has the same goal-to hit the championship.


But compared to the “big moves” of the Guangzhou Men’s Basketball, Shanghai Men’s Basketball and Beijing Men’s Basketball in signings, the “ten champions” Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team and the Liaoning Men’s Basketball Team runner-up last season are much quieter.


In the final registration list of the Guangdong Men’s Basketball Team, the main change is to increase the three youth team players Zhang Hao, Marek and Zhao Jinyang, and at the same time loan out two young players Li Yingbo and Liu Xucheng to the Fujian Men’s Basketball Team, while Wan Shengwei and Wang Haoyu Leaving the team went to Nanjing Tongxi.



The best news is that Yi Jianlian may not miss an entire season. During the offseason, the team's general manager Zhu Fangyu has been hoping to find a player to replace Yi Jianlian, but he failed.


"The summer has also made a lot of attempts and efforts, hoping to introduce excellent inside players to make up for Yi Jianlian's position, but the fate is not." Although the main lineup has not changed much, Zhu Fangyu said that the goal of the Guangdong Men's Basketball Team is still clear. , "Can be the same as last season."

“夏天也做出了很多尝试和努力,希望引进优秀的内线球员来弥补易建联的位置,但命运并非如此。”尽管主要阵容变化不大,但朱芳雨表示,广东男篮的目标仍然很明确。 ,“可以与上个季节相同。”

For the defending champion, the best news is that Yi Jianlian may not miss an entire season. However, according to the updated injury report on the CBA League official website, his Achilles tendon injury is expected to take 30 weeks to recover, and the new CBA season will last for 6 months. This also means that even if Yi Jianlian recovers from injury earlier than expected, it is likely to only catch the "last train" of last season.


Similar to the Guangdong men’s basketball team is the Liaoning men’s basketball team. Due to He Tianju and Li Xiaoxu’s absences for 14 weeks and 26 weeks respectively due to injuries, the Liaoning men’s basketball team has raised 4 players, and in the transfer market, only Gao Shiyan and Guo Xu are on loan To the Shandong team, in exchange for the young center Zhu Rongzhen. For Liaoning, who is ambition to compete for the championship, such reinforcement is not enough to make up for the lack of inside rotation.



He Tianju fractured his hand during training. "From the end of last season to the beginning of this season, the actual preparation period is very short, excluding the vacation and the time for the wounded to recuperate. The entire training does not exceed one month. This has caused us a lot of trouble." The new coach Yang who officially took office. Ming said frankly in an interview, "Everyone has seen it today, Guo Ailun hasn't arrived yet. He went to the hospital to check his lungs again, and he has not fully recovered from this chronic disease."

训练期间,何天举骨折了。 “从上赛季末到本赛季初,实际准备时间很短,不包括休假和伤员休养的时间。整个训练不超过一个月。这给我们带来了很多麻烦。麻烦。”新任教练杨先生正式上任。 Ming在接受采访时坦率地说:“今天大家都看到了,郭爱伦还没有到。他再次去医院检查肺,他还没有完全康复。”

But Zhang Zhenlin among the four newcomers still makes many fans look forward to it. After all, before entering the professional league, he has been selected for the Chinese Men's Basketball National Training Team.



Zhang Zhenlin "There is still a difference between CBA and the American College Student League. I have been helping him to'cool down', hoping that he can be down-to-earth on the court, do his own job well, and bring out his own characteristics." Talking about Zhang Zhenlin, Yang Ming still Try to keep a low profile, "If he can handle these well, I believe his ability can help the Liaoning team."

张振林:“ CBA和美国大学生联赛之间还是有区别的。我一直在帮助他'冷静下来',希望他能脚踏实地,做好自己的工作,并带来展现自己的特点。”在谈到张振林时,杨鸣仍然保持低调,“如果他能很好地处理这些问题,我相信他的能力可以为辽宁队提供帮助。”

To say that the two teams with the biggest moves during the offseason are Beijing Shougang and Shanghai.



Li Muhao last season, Beijing Shougang's insiders have been criticized. In this short offseason, Shougang's management "locked in" Li Muhao's future with a five-year long contract. When Li Muhao arrived in Beijing, Zhai Xiaochuan, the captain of Beijing Shougang, personally picked up the plane and wrote on social media: "You know what I feel when you look at my smile."


Subsequently, the Shougang men's basketball team unexpectedly "robbed" Fan Ziming. Prior to this, Fan Ziming and the Guangdong Men's Basketball team were once "ambiguous", but in the end, the 22-year-old potential insider wore the Beijing Shougang jersey.


Regardless of the team’s transfer operation, Fan Ziming’s reasoning explains to some extent the competitiveness of Beijing Shougang in the new season. “When I played against the Beijing team before, I felt that the Beijing team is particularly resilient. This is what a strong team is. The bottom line, all players have champion genes, these are what I want. Moreover, President Qin (Qin Xiaowen, chairman of the Shougang Basketball Club) really impressed me in terms of sincerity."

不管车队的转会行动如何,范子明的推理都在一定程度上解释了北京首钢在新赛季中的竞争力。 “当我与北京队比赛时,我感到北京队特别有韧性。这就是一支强大的团队。最重要的是,所有球员都有冠军基因,这些就是我想要的。此外,秦校长(首钢篮球俱乐部会长秦晓文)的诚意给我留下了深刻的印象。”

Two well-qualified local insiders joined, making the originally weak Shougang insiders tough. In fact, there are only 4 insiders with a height of more than 2.10 meters in the history of the Shougang team, and Li Muhao of 2.19 meters and Fan Ziming of 2.10 meters directly make the team one of the hottest champions.


The Shanghai Men's Basketball Team is also "big shot". Compared with last season’s offseason label of “people are stupid and rich”, the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team in the new season has clearly found a reasonable way to spend money——



"Champion 3D" Kolan Bek. "There are many new faces in the team, and there are also many newcomers. I will share my experience through my usual words and deeds." Kolanbek, who has just joined the Shanghai Men's Basketball Team, told The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) reporter.

《冠军3D》科兰·贝克(Kolan Bek)。 “团队中有许多新面孔,也有许多新来者。我将通过我的惯亚博游戏软件常言行来分享自己的经验。”刚加入上海男篮的科兰贝克对《报》(www.thepaper.cn)记者说。

In addition, the choice of foreign aid also made the Shanghai team an early dark horse for the playoffs. They first signed back "Lonely God" Fredette, and then introduced Deng Meng, who has excellent scoring ability. With such a luxurious configuration of foreign aid, CBA is very competitive.

此外,外援的选择也使上海队成为季后赛的早期黑马。他们首先签署了“孤独的上帝” Fredette,然后介绍了得分能力极强的邓萌。凭借如此豪华的外援配置,CBA极具竞争力。

The remarks made by the reputable new coach Nevin Spasha at the expedition ceremony also showed the ambitions of the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team. it is good."

著名新教练内文·斯帕莎(Nevin Spasha)在考察仪式上的讲话也表明了上海男篮的雄心壮志。很好。”

The "ten champions" Guangdong is still strong, the Liaoning men's basketball team seems to be in the reincarnation of the "thousand-year second", the Shanghai men's basketball team is still "burning money", and Beijing Shougang has to rely on the team trained by Marbury... If it's just that, CBA The so-called wonderful has its limitations.


The most important reason why the NBA has a sense of freshness and anticipation every year is that a large number of new people who can subvert the league join in the draft each summer. Today's CBA also has such expectations.


Ou Junxuan, Zhang Ning, Zhu Mingzhen, and Zhang Zhenlin, who didn't pass the draft, entered the league. When these names appeared in the CBA registration list for the new season, the league suddenly had an unusual sense of freshness.


In the preseason, Zhang Zhenlin, wearing a Liaoning men's basketball uniform, made many people shine. In his first public appearance, the 21-year-old, 208cm tall young man scored a team-high 27 points and 12 rebounds against Zhejiang Chouzhou Bank. Among them, the audience made 11 of 19 shots and three-pointers. He made 3 of 6 shots.


Fans who watched that game discovered that the defensive strength of Zhejiang Chouzhou was much stronger than the ordinary preseason game, but Zhang Zhenlin's performance was still remarkable. It's no wonder that the Beijing Controls men's basketball coach Marbury praised on social media: "This kid will be very helpful to the CBA and the Chinese team."


In the new season, Zhang Zhenlin is very important to the Liaoning team. He will replace Li Xiaoxu's vacancy more. "Because the second brother is injured, I may have more time to replace him and play the fourth position."

在新赛季,张振林对辽宁队非常重要。他将更多地取代李小旭的空缺。 “由于第二兄弟受伤,我可能有更多时间替换他并担任第四名。”

Also shine in the preseason is the newcomer Zhang Ning with the "net celebrity" label. Compared with Zhang Zhenlin, Zhang Ning’s performance is more topical, because his past stories make many people not optimistic about his prospects in the CBA, but the preseason debut 22 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals amazing data , There is a great momentum of face-seeking the underdogs.



"Internet celebrity" newcomer Zhang Ning. In that game, Zhang Ning made 7 of 10 shots and 4 of 6 three-pointers. Interestingly, in the face of "Jiaozuo LeBron" Li Gen's back attack, Zhang Ning steadily withstood the next game and did not let his opponent succeed. This goal also made many fans talk about it.


"I can't say that I have adapted to CBA now. Only when I really have to fight a tough battle can I be qualified to say whether it is suitable or not." Zhang Ning was particularly mature when interviewed by Yu Jia. "I hope to become a character who is desperate Saburo. , The league’s top players are my ultimate dream."

“我不能说我现在已经适应了CBA。只有当我真的必须进行艰苦的战斗时,我才有资格说出它是否合适。”张宁在接受于佳的采访时特别成熟。 “我希望成为一个绝望的三郎的角色。联盟的顶级球员是我的终极梦想。”

The outstanding rookies who have flown into the league in this offseason are not only Zhang Zhenlin and Zhang Ning, but also Ou Junxuan, the No. 1 pick of the Shanghai Men’s Basketball Team, and Zhu Mingzhen, a “3D player” from Peking University, as well as Dulan of Shantou University. Zhu Weisong and so on.

在这个休赛期进入联盟的杰出新秀不仅是张振林和张宁,还包括上海男篮第一顺位的欧俊x,以及北京大学的“ 3D球员”朱明振。 ,以及汕头大学的都兰。朱维松等。

They are the fresh blood of the CBA and a "stimulant" of the CBA. When a league has enough replacement between the old and the new, its professionalism will enter a real virtuous circle.


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