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亚博游戏软件:娄一晨:上港球员比较乖 他们是最可能被爆冷的队

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   With the Shanghai SIPG team regrouping on October 5, and the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua team early on the 3rd to prepare for the team, this means that the second stage of the Chinese Super League "Shanghai Beach Derby" has officially entered the start-up phase.


   Affected by the epidemic, the second stage of this year's Chinese Super League adopts a two-round knockout system, which is more like a cup schedule. The Shanghai SIPG team against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua team was the most suspenseful of the 4 games in the second stage of the Chinese Super League championship. So, what is the difference in the 2020 Shanghai Beach Derby?




   In the four knockout rounds of the second stage of the Chinese Super League, the Shanghai SIPG team ranked first in the Suzhou Division, against Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, the fourth place in the Dalian Division. This Shanghai derby is undoubtedly the most suspenseful and interesting. To


   The game system is similar to the cup competition, which magnifies the contingency of the game. Teams with excellent defense and sharp counterattacks often have more room to create upsets. For Shenhua, who has won the FA Cup twice in the last three seasons, although the first stage ranking is not as good as the SIPG team, it is not without a chance to reach the semi-finals.


   Since Shanghai SIPG’s predecessor, Shanghai East Asia, was promoted to the Super League in 2013, it has had 17 clashes with Shenhua in various competitions. The 90-minute regular time record has been 9 wins, 4 draws and 4 losses. Since the 2017 season, the two sides have faced each other 8 times and SIPG has an absolute advantage with 7 wins and 1 loss. Especially in the Chinese Super League, Shanghai SIPG has completed its "six consecutive kills" against Shenhua.

自从上海SIPG的前身上海东亚于2013年晋升为超级联赛以来,它已经在各种比赛中与申花进行亚博最新网站是多少了17次交锋。 90分钟的亚博最新网站是多少常规时间记录为9胜4平4负。自2017赛季以来,双方已经八次交锋,SIPG拥有7胜1负的绝对优势。特别是在中国超级联赛中,上海SIPG对申花队已经完成了“六连败”。

   But it is worth noting that in a cup such as the Chinese Football Association Cup, SIPG team met Shenhua twice and was eventually defeated. With this data, SIPG was overwhelmed by Shenhua, which is ranked lower in the league. In the quarter-finals of the 2015 Football Association Cup, SIPG drew with Shenhua 3 to 3 in the Hongkou Football Stadium in 90 minutes, and lost the penalty shootout. In the 2017 FA Cup final, SIPG lost 0 to 1 in the first round of the away game. Although the second round won 3 to 2 at home and tied the total score to 3 to 3, it was still due to the weak disadvantage of fewer away goals. Missed the championship.


   "Five Star Sports" famous football commentator Tang Meng explained all the Shenhua games in the first stage. He believes that Shenhua is the best performing team in the 16th Super League. When predicting this Shanghai derby,


   SIPG is the first in the Suzhou Division, and Shenhua is fourth in the Dalian Division. From the ranking, the SIPG team is better. However, the football game is not a simple arithmetic problem, especially the elimination of a similar cup game system in two rounds, undoubtedly has more theoretical possibilities of unpopular outbreak.




   On October 1, the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua Club announced that Ecuador’s international striker Bolaños officially joined. Two weeks ago, Shenhua has confirmed that another Ecuadorian international Fidel Martinez has joined the camp.

10月1日,上海格陵兰神华俱乐部宣布厄瓜多尔国际前锋博拉尼奥斯正式加入。两周前,神华已经确认另一名厄瓜多尔国脚菲德尔·马丁内斯(Fidel Martinez)已加入该集中营。

   Caption: The Ecuadorian striker Shuangsha introduced by Shenhua was dubbed by the fans as "South American Prawn (Teamman)".


   In the first stage of the Super League, Shenhua’s best scorer is not a big-name foreign aid, but Bi Jinhao, who originally played as a defender and returned to the center position. However, as Shenhua introduces Bolaños and Fidel Martinez, the team's forward configuration will be more flexible. In particular, these two Ecuador international forwards have the advantages of speed, dexterity and coordination. They are expected to form a classic striker combination with Bi Jinhao.

在中超联赛的第一阶段,申花的最佳射手不是大牌的外援,而是最初是后卫并重回中锋的毕金浩。但是,随着神华介绍Bolaños和Fidel Martinez,该团队的前向配置将更加灵活。特别是,这两个厄瓜多尔国际前锋具有速度,灵活性和协调性的优势。预计他们将与毕金浩组成经典的前锋组合。

Shenhua successively introduced Ecuador’s frontcourt international double evil, of course, out of the team’s technical and tactical needs, but in my opinion, these two low-profile, fast, dexterous, and tacitly compatible frontcourt double stars are expected to become secret weapons. It's more like Shenhua's exclusive custom signings specially prepared for the second stage of the Shanghai Super League Derby.


   Judging from the history of the Shanghai derby in the Cup, the speed forward can dominate the game. In the 2015 FA Cup clash, SIPG fell 0-2. Forward Wu Lei relied on speed to break into the world wave and sounded the counterattack. In the 2017 FA Cup, Kuaima Martins made a long shot from the right after a cut in the right wing with super strength. Into the dead corner, basically declared that the game has lost suspense.

从杯赛上海德比的历史来看,前进的速度可以主导比亚博游戏软件赛。在2015年足总杯交锋中,SIPG下跌0-2。前锋吴磊依靠速度冲入世界浪潮,吹响了反攻。在2017年足总杯上,奎伊·马丁斯(Kuaima Martins)在右翼切入后以超强实力从右侧远射。进入死角,基本上宣告游戏已经失去悬念。

   Illustrated: SIPG’s new foreign aid Mu Yi needs to show his strength in the big scene of the Derby in the same city.

插图:SIPG的新外援Mu Yi需要在同一座城市的德比大场面中展现自己的亚博最新网站是多少实力。

   Now, the Shanghai Greenland Shenhua team has successively introduced the Ecuadorian striker Shuangza, who is known for speed and dexterity. The intention to defend the title of the cup expert is very obvious. Shenhua's newly joined Ecuador Shuangsha is undoubtedly a variable in the team's overall battle.


   In the history of Shanghai Beach Derby, there has never been a precedent for a team to add two foreign aids before the Derby. Of course, SIPG also has foreign aid changes: Earlier, Australian midfielder Muyi replaced Uzbekistan midfielder Ahmedov. The Shanghai Beach Derby, which has a more intense competition and a stronger atmosphere, will also verify Mu Yi's fineness.




   In the first public class where SIPG team resumed training, coach Pereira was interviewed by the media. "We started to prepare for the two games with Shenhua. We will study this opponent carefully. The training will focus on the opponent's characteristics and will be targeted in technical and tactical exercises." Pereira said that his team has certain advantages. "This is a two-color team. We have our own characteristics, excellent players, and high-level training. This is our advantage. Of course, the two rounds will be very difficult, but we will do well. Prepared.” Pereira also said, “We are ready to meet all our opponents. Our goal is to be champions. This is also the club’s goal this year and our direction for preparations.”

在SIPG团队恢复训练的第一次公开课上,佩雷拉教练接受了媒体的采访。 “我们开始与申花队为两场比赛做准备。我们将仔细研究这位对手。训练将着眼于对手的特点,并针对技术和战术练习。”佩雷拉说,他的团队有一定优势。 “这是一支两色球队。我们有自己的特点,优秀的球员和高水平的训练。这是我们的优势。当然,两轮比赛将非常困难,但我们会做好。准备。”佩雷拉还表示:“我们已经准备好迎接所有对手。我们的目标是成为冠军。这也是俱乐部今年的目标,也是我们准备的方向。”

Similarly, Shenhua coach Cui Kangxi also looked forward to the derby battle: "SIPG is a very important and very strong opponent. We did not perform very well in the match with SIPG, but it is also a good one for us. We should also prove ourselves and show Shenhua’s progress and growth through the competition."

同样,申花教练崔康熙也期待德比战:“ SIPG是非常重要且非常强大的对手。我们在与SIPG的比赛中表现不佳,但对我们来说也是一个很好的对手。我们也应该证明自己,并通过比赛展示神华的进步和成长。”





   Illustrated: The Shanghai Super League Derby itself is the precipitation of Shanghai football culture.


   On October 18th, SIPG and Shenhua will start the first round of the Shanghai Beach Derby in Suzhou. Many fans hope that this is the first time in history that the Shanghai Beach Derby will be held in a third party. Shenhua and Shanghai SIPG have no home court advantage, and they can see the true strength of the two teams objectively. Fan Song Jie said: "I am not a die-hard loyal to any team, but I am a supporter of Shanghai Football and Shanghai Sports. Shenhua and Shanghai SIPG are both the children of Shanghai. I do not stand on any team, but I hope to see wonderful things. Because the Shanghai Derby is also a brand of Chinese football, I hope the two teams will work together to hand in an answer sheet so that fans across the country can also envy and praise the Shanghai Derby."


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