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Facing the old friend Dortmund, Bayern once again had the last laugh. With Kimmich's goal, he won the German Super Cup with a score of three to two, and then became the fifth champion of the new division. The good news is that Bayern, who has been troubled by people, is finally about to sign in. According to a well-known reporter DiMazio's revelation, Bayern has taken a fancy to the Atletico bidding king Lemar. Coincidentally, another well-known journalist Romano said that Red Bull Leipzig is also interested in Lemar.


If it is not DiMazio and Roma that broke the news, Atletico fans definitely think this is fake news. The reason is simple. Lemar, who has the aura of 80 million bidders, has performed hard to describe after joining Atletico Madrid. Although the attitude of the game is very positive, as a full-back he can often return to his own penalty zone, but the offensive effect is too limited. Getting the ball is either an attempt to break through and is broken, or a pass error is sent directly to the opponent after passing it, which is simply an offensive finisher.


Such a sluggish performance even looks down on Atletico fans. Why would it attract the Bundesliga duo? The only reasonable explanation is that both Bayern and Red Bull Leipzig just want to loan him Lemar. Although they have just become the five champions of the new division, Bayern has long been troubled. In particular, there are only Gnabry, Koman and Sane as the wing forward, and multi-line combat is obviously not enough. To this end, coach Flick publicly stated that he wants to buy people more than once, and the positions that need to be reinforced include the three positions of winger, full back and forward.


However, Bayern's financial situation is difficult to meet Frick's requirements. Just before the German Super Cup, Bayern Chairman Heiner said in an interview with the media: Due to the impact of the epidemic, Bayern’s fiscal revenue has decreased by 100 million euros. In this case, the balance of Xia Chuang’s transfer funds is likely to be less than the 30 million previously reported by the media. If you want to strengthen the lineup, you can only borrow players.


The Leipzig Red Bull situation is not much better. Although backed by the Red Bull Group, the club has always managed to make ends meet, and even missed the brother's Harland. With the leaps and bounds of last season's Champions League results, Leipzig Red Bull has become a player supermarket. First Werner joined Chelsea, then Sigg, who had no money to buy out, joined Leverkusen. Angelinho, who has always wanted to keep, has yet to negotiate terms with Manchester City. In this case, the Leipzig Red Bull with serious blood loss can only rely on loan players. Therefore, the Bundesliga duo are all eyeing Lemar this time.

莱比锡红牛的情况并没有好得多。尽管得到了红牛集团的支持,但该俱乐部始终设法收支平衡,甚至错过了兄弟的哈兰德。随着上赛季欧洲冠军联赛的突飞猛进,莱比锡红牛已经成为球员超市。首先是维尔纳(Werner)加入切尔西(Chelsea),然后是没有钱买断的希克(Sigg)加入勒沃库森(Leverkusen)。一直想保留的安吉利尼奥(Angelinho)尚未与曼彻斯特城(Manchester City)谈判条款。在这种情况下,失血严重的莱比锡红牛只能依靠贷款者。因此,德甲二人这次都在盯着勒马尔。

Think about it, too, players who really perform well can't be rented, or not cheaply rented. Those who take the initiative to ask for rent are often inferior, and Bayern and Leipzig Red Bull rents are also useless, just like Real Madrid’s Odriosola. It is Lemar's cost-effective. At the beginning, Atletico invested 80 million to sign him, which proved to be capable. However, due to various reasons, he has not been kicked out. If you get the Bundesliga on loan, you may be a good hand. Therefore, Bayern and Leipzig Red Bull both want to fight.


For Atletico, renting out Lemar is also a good choice. To put it bluntly, staying in the team doesn't really contribute much, it's better to send it out for exercise. Regardless of whether it is Frick or Nagelsman, both are very good at training offense. On the other hand, Simeone is a typical one-to-zero win doctrine, and Saúl and other offensive geniuses were changed into engineers by him. From this point of view, Xia Chuang's renting out Lemar is obviously more hopeful to activate him. After all, no one wants to sell directly. So, the next step is to see who is more sincere about Bayern and Red Bull Leipzig.


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