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After the 13th round of the 2020 Chinese Super League, the two teams in the Suzhou Division of Group B, Hebei Huaxia Fortune and Chongqing Modern, which were not previously optimistic, defeated their opponents and entered the second stage of the championship group together. It can be said that Unexpected. In the first four rounds of the league, the staff of Hebei Huaxia Happiness was disorganized and only accumulated 2 points. Following a wave of four wins in five rounds, defeating SIPG and drew with Guoan, the team re-seeed the hope of qualifying for the championship group. In the 12th and 13th rounds, they defeated TEDA and direct competitor Wuhan Zall, and broke into the championship group without dispute. In the final round, they only need to fight for the final ranking to determine their opponents in the first two rounds of the second round.


Chongqing Dangdai obviously has more difficulties than Hebei Huaxia Fortune. Affected by the epidemic, the five foreign players in the team have been unable to return to the team. From the third round, the foreign aid returned to the team. After the first 8 rounds, he only scored 6 points, ranking second in the Suzhou Division. Since defeating Tianjin Teda in the ninth round, Chongqing has been better one after another. In the end, it won the qualification of the championship group directly from the penultimate with a wave of five consecutive victories, thus succeeding in relegation ahead of schedule. In the words of head coach Zhang Wailong, they have completed their goals for the season ahead of schedule.


Recently, the domestic authoritative professional media "Football News" and the "Sports New Vision" column of Tianjin TV Station carried out special reports on the counterattack of the two teams.


"Football News" was written by Liu Xiaoxin, the president, and said in an article titled "China Fortune, Chongqing Contemporary Sampling Survey finally became a role model":


Also worthy of "dissection" is Chongqing Contemporary. With the capital behind Chinese football generally taking political demands as the core and political indicators as the goal, operating football is always an imaginary term. Therefore, when a Wuhan company decided to operate football in Chongqing, it probably wanted to understand some problems. What Chongqing Dangdai can answer is not just where they found cheap foreign aid like Caldek and Adrian, but what can they do to make Caldek kneel and cry with tears after winning... …


The "New Vision in Sports" program of Tianjin TV said: This season, the Chinese Super League is in the same group as the TEDA team, and the situation at the beginning of the season is similar to that of TEDA. They are also regarded by the outside world as two teams with "late start, weak foundation and poor foundation". China Fortune Land Development and Chongqing Modern, both locked in the top four in the Suzhou Division in advance. They not only completed the relegation task ahead of schedule, but also got the ticket to enter the second stage of the championship group. What exactly did they rely on to complete the counterattack?


The article further analyzes this: Judging from the successful cases of Hebei Huaxia Fortune and Chongqing Contemporary, the theory of "the strong always keep strong, the weak always weak" does not apply to football. For a team, compared to the lineup It seems that three other points are more important to the paper strength of the team: 1. The club’s reasonable season planning and signing operations; 2. The coach’s proper tactics and reasonable personnel arrangements; 3. The players’ strong execution and firm belief.

文章进一步分析了这一点:从河北华夏财富和重庆当代的成功案例来看,“强者总是强,弱者总是弱”的理论不适用于足球。对于一支球队,与阵容相比,似乎还有三点对球队的纸面实力更为重要:1.俱乐部合理的赛季规划和签约工作; 2.教练的正确战术和合理的人员安排; 3.玩家的坚定执行力和坚定信念。

In addition, this is also inseparable from the club’s finding a management that meets the club’s development requirements under the epidemic situation and the severe economic situation. Of course, the foreign aid of the two teams played a key, even decisive, role. , But it is undeniable that although both teams have lost some important players, China lost its international players Jiang Zhipeng and Dong Xuesheng, and Chongqing Modern lost its midfielder core Peng Xinli last year, but the other domestic players and young players in the team are conscientious. , Tenacious hard work, and passionate fighting spirit are also the key to the team's good results.

此外,这与俱乐部在流行病和严峻的经济形势下找到符合俱乐部发展要求的管理层密不可分。当然,两支球队的外援发挥了关键甚至决定性的作用。 ,但不可否认的是,尽管去年两支球队都失去了一些重要球员,但中国却失去了国际球员姜志鹏和董学胜,重庆现代失去了中场核心彭新利,但其他国内球员和年轻球员却是认真,顽强的努力精神和热情的战斗精神也是团队取得良好成绩的关键。

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