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亚博最新网站是多少_血亏2亿!2020年的第一场雪 伴随着疫情的撕裂

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   The 2020 new crown epidemic is nothing less than a sap for the booming Chinese sports industry.


   Not only events, but also scenic spots and small towns that focus on sports marketing are completely closed.


  Because of the enthusiasm for winter projects set off by the Winter Olympics, along with investment, the Chinese people's favorability for ice and snow has increased.


   However, the large investment and slow recovery characteristics of the ski resorts have also made investors who have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the time of being swallowed up by the epidemic-to panic.


   In addition to online training, the sports industry is full of grief, can the ski resorts that have almost lost 2/3 of the snow season still survive?


   In mid-September, Sina Sports visited the Taiwu ski town in Chongli, Zhangjiakou, hoping to find out whether this once overcrowded ski resort has truly emerged from the shadow of the epidemic.




   Taiwu Ski Town is a ski resort built in accordance with the North American style and operating in all seasons. Located in Chongli District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, in the core area of ​​Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics.


   It is close to the Putrajaya High-speed Railway Station, 188 kilometers away from Beijing.


   There are currently 4-5 trains departing from Beijing to Prince City, which can reach the valley directly.


   Sina Sports reporter personally experienced this journey. Because it is the off-season of the snow field, the high-speed rail traffic is not large at noon. It takes about 80 minutes to reach the foot of the mountain, which is rendered by the colorful autumn scenery, through the vast mountains north of Beijing.


   This small town was invested and built by Zhangjiakou Chongli Taiwu Tourism Holiday Co., Ltd., with a total land area of ​​40 square kilometers and a total investment of more than 20 billion yuan. It is currently one of the largest comprehensive ski resorts in China.


  From the introduction, its business projects cover ski resorts, hotel groups, gourmet restaurants, entertainment and leisure, North American style commercial streets, sports parks, etc. It is a one-stop resort complex with rich business formats.


"The 2020 epidemic has brought great losses to the entire industry. As far as Taiwu is concerned, from the first three years of the Lunar New Year’s announcement that it will be closed, it is followed by an unsubscription climax. The unsubscription amount from January to March reached After more than one billion yuan, most of the income this year's snow season has been wiped out."

“ 2020年的疫情给整个行业带来了巨大损失。就太武而言,从农历新年宣布将关闭的头三年开始,便出现了取消订阅的高潮。从1月开始的取消订阅量到了三月,经过十亿多元的投资,今年雪季的大部分收入已经全部消灭。”

   This is a situation and challenge that Vice President Wang Shigang has never encountered in his years of work.


   "Our passenger flow in the last snow season was around 250,000, and our revenue in winter alone was almost 200 million. We originally predicted that there could be 220-250 million revenue in the 19-20 snow season, and the passenger flow was close to 300,000."


   Unexpectedly, these optimistic figures and expectations will be wiped out with the outbreak of the epidemic.


   Wang Shigang said: "From the perspective of the ski resort, not only is there no income, but the cost of daily consumption is also very high."


"Our ski resorts are open in winter. More than 30 ski trails require high snowmaking costs, including our transportation capacity and catering supplies. They are also fully loaded in winter, which has caused a lot of waste. ."


   After the initial relief of the epidemic, Tai Wu also received a notice from the government to reopen in an orderly manner.


"Although there was a limited reopening in March, the overall epidemic situation across the country at that time was still very severe. Taiwu's main source of tourists, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, was still under epidemic control. There are no conditions for guests to arrive at Taiwu.


   "So although the town is reopening, there is no increase in passenger flow. There are only dozens of guests every day, and it may be that they have gone through multiple inspections before they can arrive."


   Speaking of skiers who still persist in these harsh conditions, Wang Shigang is also full of gratitude.


  "From the perspective of personnel, although there are difficulties of this and that, Taiwu did not carry out large-scale layoffs like many companies, but only gave employees a vacation to ensure their lives.


  "As a company, it is not easy. The employees of the company can stick to the company. This in itself is trust in the company. Therefore, during that period, we continued to cheer up our employees, and organized our own people to ski and exercise.


   "After the reopening in May, Taiwu did a lot of disinfection and testing. As the epidemic in Beijing eased, we organized a family carnival at an appropriate time."


   For Tai Wu, they saw the opportunity for a wave of peak passenger flow in summer.


   "Unfortunately, the second wave of epidemics broke out in Beijing in June, and we ushered in the second wave of unsubscription climax. It is really difficult for Taiwu and many ski resorts."


   "At present, although the passenger flow is okay, the consumption capacity of the people has not fully recovered, and it will take some time for the market to return to the state before the epidemic."


However, Wang Shigang was still satisfied with Taiwu’s performance in summer. “In such a short period of time, there was an epidemic in the middle, but the summer passenger flow was basically the same as last year, reaching more than 200,000 passengers, which illustrates Taiwu’s all-season business method. , Has been recognized by some consumers."

但是,王世刚仍然对太武在夏季的表现感到满意。 “在这么短的时间内,中间流行了一次,但夏季的客流量与去年基本相同,达到了20万人次,这说明了泰武的全季节经营方法。 ,已得到一些消费者的认可。”



   Although it relies on snow to eat snow, Taiwu Town has been working hard to increase its operating projects, develop tourism models outside of the snow season, and provide tourists with more entertainment methods.


In addition to traditional alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, snow entertainment facilities, and winter camps, in non-snow seasons, they also developed more than ten types of mountainous terrain including camping, archery, scooter, lawn buggy, trapeze, and fantasy cube adventure. Entertainment show.


   In addition, tourists who come here can also enjoy mountain golf, orienteering, ATV, UTV, hiking, pet park and other mountain leisure experiences.


  For outdoor sports enthusiasts, you can experience mountain bike downhill, go karts, unpowered go karts and other extreme mountain sports.


   Taiwu has successively cooperated with the world's top hotel brands Hyatt Group, Marriott Group, Club Med, PVCP, and introduced a series of well-known brand hotels.

泰乌先后与世界顶级酒店品牌凯悦集团,万豪集团,Club Med,PVCP合作,并推出了一系列知名品牌酒店。

   Including the five-star Hyatt Hotel, Club Med, PVCP, etc.


At the same time, Taiwu also owns 5 own-brand hotels, including the four-star Taiwu Hotel suitable for business travelers, Xueluju Hotel and Xuehaoju Hotel suitable for family vacations, Nanshanli Hotel which is responsible for Winter Olympics guarantee and The Eagle's Nest International Youth Hostel is very cost-effective and popular among young people.


   From the observation of Sina Sports, since it is not the snow season, the hotel occupancy rate is indeed not high, most restaurants are open normally, and customers are not extremely crowded.


   The loss of the epidemic cannot dampen the optimism of people here.


   After the epidemic subsided, Taiwu has been working hard to plan, and strive to arrange the weekly activities full.


   Like Taiwu UTV, Spartan Warriors, 168 International Cross Country and so on. The Midi Music Festival held here in mid-August attracted more than 50,000 music fans.

如Taiwu UTV,Spartan Warriors,168 International Cross Country等。 8月中旬在这里举行的Midi音乐节吸引了50,000多名音乐迷。

   This figure makes people feel the attractiveness of this place, and the whole market is gradually getting back on track.


   Taiwu Ski Town President Zhou Wenqian told Sina Sports that Gstaad and Verbier Mountain Resorts in Switzerland have always been an ideal place for the urban population to enjoy nature because of the clean air and low population density.


   Taiwu originally developed the concept not only to consider winter, but also to incorporate summer operations. Considering from the perspective of China's national conditions, the people's willingness to take summer vacations and escape the heat will be stronger.


   Taiwu currently has an average summer temperature of 18 ℃. It is a natural forest oxygen bar for summer vacations. It has also developed various outdoor activities such as music and photography. It is a very good summer vacation resort around Beijing.


   If Taiwu can be recognized as a resort town, it may provide a way for the domestic ski resorts to operate in the next four seasons.


  How to achieve the relative balance of income and expenditure in the four seasons, how to make the most of the resources in hand, and how to transform from a ski resort to a resort are the keys to the sustainable development of Zhangjiakou Chongli resorts after the Olympics.


This year’s eleventh holiday coincides with the National Day and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Taiwu has launched a series of activities: rock party for music lovers, jazz music carnival; Letao market, handcraft workshop, bonfire party for families and parents ; There are also catering feasts and craft brewing factories that foodies love.


   It is understood that during this long holiday period, the main room types in Taiwu Town have been fully booked early, and only a few rooms are left.


   They will usher in the most turbulent crowd after the epidemic.


   "The epidemic may still exist for a long time, but people's yearning for a healthy lifestyle and love for sports will not be wiped out."


   This is why Zhou Wenqian is still optimistic and confident.


   On the eve of the 2020 snow season, Taiwu is looking forward to seeing friends who haven’t seen it in a year.




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