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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


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He is the strongest shield. Within the restricted area, he can't open it; he is the sharpest spear, and he is the most unfavorable warrior. He is the most iron-blooded warrior, and he is the most trustworthy captain. , One person, one city, Blue Bridge loyal soul. Iron-bone, John Terry, he used his flesh and blood to build the Great Wall of Steel at Stamford Bridge.

他是最强的盾牌。在禁区内,他无法打开它;他是最犀利的矛,也是最不利的战士。他是最铁血的战士,也是最值得信赖的队长。 ,一个人,一个城市,蓝桥忠实的灵魂。铁骨约翰·特里(John Terry)用他的血肉在斯坦福桥建造了钢铁长城。

The predator, "destroyed without a shirt", undoubtedly, this is Terry's deepest impression on world football. As a central defender, Terry's mission on the court is to do his best to block all the opponents' attack opportunities. And the most classic scene is the shocking moment of leaning over and "deathing his life" with his head in the 2010 World Cup.


It was the last match of the South African World Cup group stage. The Three Lions in that cup match was a stalemate. Beckham was injured at the end of the season and missed the World Cup, and the original captain Ferdinand was also accidentally injured on the eve of the campaign. The twin towers, which the English were so proud of, fell by half.


In the first game, goalkeeper Green staged a dumbfounding butterhand, allowing the England team to have a victory that was about to be won. The second game was tied by Algeria, which made the final game against the Slovenian team. The final game of the game became a life and death battle for the English.


Fortunately, Defoe broke the deadlock for the Three Lions in the 23rd minute and gained the initiative to qualify. However, the lack of Ferdinand's defense did not make the England team completely relieved.


In the 68th minute, the Slovenian player hoisted the ball into the penalty area, and Upson, who replaced Ferdinand as the starting central defender, made a mistake in marking. The opponent forward Detic successfully flew the header into the penalty area and met Novakovic. Get a chance to shoot.


The blue captain first blocked Novakovic's shot with a slippery shovel, and then quickly got up to resist Detic's supplementary shot.


But Terry, who was almost too late, was in a state of desperation and had to fight a carp and try to stop the ball from flying to the goal with his head, because if this game is not won, they will go home after the game, so there is this. A classic moment.


Although Terry might feel regretful at that moment because his head did not stop the ball from advancing, but fortunately Glenn Johnson, who also blocked in front of goal, blocked Detic’s supplementary shot with his foot and successfully resolved it. Danger in front of the door.


Although this was a failed blockade, Terry's heroic move to block the ball with his head still won the fans' admiration. Terry used his flesh and blood body to stage a green version of "sacrifice to block the gun."


In an interview in the future, Terry also said, "Not only for the club, but for the national team I am willing to do everything I can. At that moment, I just wanted to block the ball. That was my instinctive reaction."

在将来的采访中,特里还说:“不仅为俱乐部,而且为国家队,我都愿意竭尽所能。那一刻,我只想挡住球。那是我的本能反应。 ”

Although Terry made his debut from Chelsea and played at Stamford Bridge for 19 years, he was actually trained in West Ham United’s youth training system because his father Terry was a diehard fan of the Hammers. , But Terry, who was young at the time, still chose to join the Blues’ youth academy when he was 14.

尽管特里(Terry)从切尔西(Chelsea)首次亚博最新网站是多少亮相并在斯坦福桥(Stamford Bridge)效力了19年,但实际上他是在西汉姆联(West Ham United)的青年训练体系中接受训练的,因为他的父亲特里(Terry)是锤子的忠实粉丝。 ,但当时还很年轻的特里(Terry)14岁时仍然选择加入布鲁斯青年学院。

Although this made his father unhappy at the time, he made his most correct decision at this moment, and Lanqiao was his soul home.


Terry originally played in midfield, but because there was a lack of defenders in the team at the time, he officially transformed into a defender. Although the height of 1.87 meters is not dominant among defenders, the Englishman has strong jumping ability and instant. The outbreak greatly compensated for this defect, which is one of the reasons why it can become the chief "guard with a knife" in the Premier League in the future.


In the 1998-99 season, the 18-year-old Terry made his debut in the Blues, and it is worth mentioning that the opponent he faced was Aston Villa, who ended his career and currently serves as an assistant coach. , As if the God of Destiny hinted at the future script for Terry in his first official game.

在1998-99赛季,年仅18岁的特里(Terry)在蓝调处首次亮相,值得一提的是,他面对的对手是阿斯顿维拉(Aston Villa),他结束了职业生涯,目前担任助理教练。 ,就像命运之神在特里的第一场正式比赛中暗示了特里的未来剧本。

However, there were a lot of talents on the blue defense line at the time. There were Desailly and Lebeuf, the French defense twin towers. Terry, who had just debuted at the time, did not have many opportunities to perform in the first team until Ranieri in 2000. After taking charge of the Blues, Terry gradually replaced Lebeuf to become the main force of the team.


If the Italian is the Bole who has a good understanding of Terry, then Mourinho, who succeeded the "tinker", is more like a big brother fighting side by side to Terry, which coincides with the old captain Desai Leigh left the team in 2004, and the Portuguese just passed the captain's armband to the true blue-rooted Crown Prince of Stamford Bridge. The two worked together to create the "Mu I" era that shocked the Premier League.

如果说意大利人是对特里有很好理解的伯乐,那么接替“修补匠”的穆里尼奥更像是和特里并肩作战的老大哥,恰好是老队长德赛·利在2004年离开了球队,而葡萄牙人刚刚将船长的袖标交给了真正的蓝根斯坦福德桥王储。两人共同创造了震惊英超的“ Mu I”时代。

Terry’s blood and passion are seamlessly connected with the Portuguese’s passion. Mourinho also makes no secret of his preference for Terry. After the victory of the Blues, the image of Mourinho and Terry embracing passionately almost runs through the two periods of Mu’s blue. The military always.


Compared with their sharp offensive, the blues of the "Mu I" era were more jaw-dropping than their sharp offensives. The blues’ defense was like a copper wall and iron wall. Terry was the absolute leader of the team’s defense. In the 2004-05 season, especially The defense led by Li conceded only 15 goals in 38 rounds.

与他们的敏锐攻势相比,“ Mu I”时代的忧郁比他们的敏锐攻势更令人jaw目结舌。蓝调的防御就像铜墙和铁墙。特里是球队防守的绝对领袖。在2004-05赛季,特别是在李超率领的防守中,在38轮比赛中仅失15球。

Fifteen years have passed, and no team can break this record. Perhaps in the increasingly competitive Premier League, it will be difficult for a team to surpass this record in the future.


It was also in this incredible season. With his steely defense, Terry also defeated his teammates and won the PFA Player of the Year awarded by the Premier League Players Union that season. Terry is also one of the few who can win this. Award defender player.


This award has been long since Terry and no defender can get involved, and it was not won by Van Dijk in the 2018-19 season until 14 years later. Even if he failed to witness Terry at the peak of that season, Van Dyke's performance in the Red Army thigh level in the 2018-19 season can also feel the heat of Terry's state in 2005.

该奖项距特里(Terry)已有很长时间了,没有任何后卫可以参与其中,直到14年后,范迪克(Van Dijk)才在2018-19赛季获得冠军。即使在那个赛季的巅峰时期未能见证特里,范戴克在2018-19赛季的红军大腿水平上的表现也能感受到特里在2005年的状态。

In 2005, Terry gained more than just being the captain of winning the first league championship trophy for the Blues. At that time, the energetic Englishman was also selected as the FIFA team of the season, and was selected for five consecutive years. The lineup is also the most selected Englishman since the start of this selection.


To put it bluntly, it was from this year that Terry was not only a symbol of the Blues, but also a symbol of English football.


Speaking of slipping and losing the championship, people will always think of Gerrard in the 2013-14 season. The red captain's slip really made his tragic hero image more profound.


But in fact, as early as 6 years ago, the blue captain staged the 1.0 version of "slip" losing the championship, and Terry's slip was even more deadly than Gerrard's mistake in terms of direct impact.

但实际上,早在6年前,这位蓝队长就上演了1.0版本的“ slip”输掉冠军,就直接影响而言,Terry的失误比Gerrard的失误更致命。

Before the miracle win in 2012, Chelsea’s trip to the Champions League seemed to have been full of fate, except for Garcia’s ghost goal at Anfield in 2005 that blocked the invincible Blues in the Premier League, and shocked the world in 2009. On the night of the Stamford Bridge controversy and penalty, the Blues stopped in the Champions League semi-finals many times because of some unthinkable things.


The failure to lead the Blues in the Champions League was the main reason why Mourinho left the Blues for the first time


But what is quite dramatic is that just in the 2007-08 season when Mourinho left the Blues, Grant, who was a temporary firefighter, unexpectedly led the team to the Champions League final, and also achieved the first "English Premier League civil war" in the history of the Champions League final.


It is worth mentioning that the venue of the final is the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, and the hometown of owner Abramovich is the second home of the team.


Lampard, who suffered the death of his mother that year, was also eager to turn his grief into strength to win the championship and dedicate it to his mother. All the factors seem to be contributing to the Blues winning the first Champions League trophy in team history.


In that final, Cristiano Ronaldo opened the scoring for Manchester United, but Lampard, who was eager to reassure his dead mother, immediately evened the score with color. The two sides held the game to a thrilling penalty shootout. The Blues made all the first four free throws and Cech Also bravely saved Cristiano Ronaldo’s penalty. Although the Red Devils’ fifth Nani made a penalty, as long as Terry, who represented the Blues’ fifth penalty, kicked the ball in, the game could be killed. For the captain, such a key goal is naturally an unshirkable responsibility.

在决赛中,克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多(Cristiano Ronaldo)为曼联打开了进球之路,但是急于向死去的母亲放心的兰帕德(Lampard)立即将比分变得平淡。双方将比赛进行了点球大战。蓝军在前四罚全中,切赫还勇敢地挽救了克里斯蒂亚诺·罗纳尔多的点球。尽管红魔的第五名纳尼(Nani)罚了点球,但只要代表蓝军的第五罚的特里(Terry)踢了球,比赛就可能被杀死。对于队长来说,这样的关键目标自然是不可推卸的责任。

However, a dramatic scene happened. At that time, it was raining heavily in Moscow. Terry accidentally slipped while running on the wet grass, causing the kicked ball to deviate from its proper trajectory and hit the goal post heavily. Terry, who missed the penalty kick, was also blaming himself in the rainy night in Moscow, and the hero at that moment was no worse than Gerrard six years later.


And Manchester United, who came to life from desperation, came and went. In the seventh round, Giggs made a penalty, and then Van der Sar saved Anelka’s penalty. This Premier League civil war officially ended with the victory of the Red Devils. After the game, Terry couldn't hide his tears, and the picture of his good brother Frank Lampard stepping forward to comfort Terry when he walked off the field became a classic picture.

绝望重生的曼联来去了。在第七轮中,吉格斯判点球,然后范德萨尔挽救了阿内尔卡的点球。这场英超内战以红魔的胜利正式结束。比赛结束后,特里无法掩饰眼泪,而他的好兄弟弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)走下场去安慰特里时,他的照片成为经典照片。

Perhaps before Terry took the penalty kick, the script in the head of the Blues should be to end the game and dedicate it to Lampard and his deceased mother. Instead, he experienced the pain of losing his mother and scored an equalizer in this game. Lampard, who scored and scored a penalty kick to comfort Terry, this reversal of identity is even more sad and helpless.


In terms of direct impact, Terry’s slip was undoubtedly more deadly than Gerrard’s slip, and Gerrard’s mistake did not directly affect the ownership of the champion. Terry's penalty error was to miss the champion who was already close at hand.


But in the future, people talk about slipping and slipping mistakes. Compared with Gerrard, Terry rarely talks about it. Perhaps it is because Terry and the Blues made up for their regrets after four years and completed the club's Grand Slam, which made this mistake. The degree of grief has dropped a lot.


Terry’s highest podium in his career was undoubtedly the 2012 Champions League champion, but the magical journey of the Champions League that season was unavoidable for Terry, after all, he did not directly participate in that thrilling reversal in Munich. So the 2014-15 season's league championship may be more significant to Terry.


It was the second season of Mourinho's second entry into the palace, which is said to be the second year of the harvest season.


Terry was 34 years old that year and entered the late stage of his career. The impact of injury has been questioned by the outside world. In particular, the former coach Benitez even stated that Terry’s competitive state could not support a week’s doubles, so Blue The captain of the army is often rotated.


However, under the trust of his teacher Mourinho, the 34-year-old Terry has a second spring in his career.


In the 2014-15 season, Terry not only completed his first and only full-time league season in his career, he played 38 games while also contributing 5 league goals and chasing 8 goals throughout the season. He tied his career record for the highest goal scored in a single season, and the "guard with a knife" is not old.


That season, the Blues won the Premier League with 87 points and 32 goals. They regained the league championship after five years. It was also the fourth time Terry won the Premier League trophy as captain.


This championship is of great significance to Terry, because since winning the league in 2010, although the Blues have won the Champions League and the Europa League during the period, Terry has not been directly involved in the championship due to suspension or injury. As for many people at the time, Terry was considered a dispensable role for the Blues. Terry also used a full-time championship season to prove that he is still the indispensable captain of the Blues.


When it comes to Terry, in addition to his achievements on the green field, the "Friendly Wife Gate" is after all a "stain" that the English can't erase.


In January 2010, Fleet Street released a shocking bullet to the entire world football. The Daily Mail and other media successively disclosed that Terry, who was the captain of Chelsea and England at the time, and his former teammates in the Blues Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend Vanessa Peronsel had an affair, and the latter even became pregnant.

2010年1月,Fleet Street向整个世界足球发布了令人震惊的子弹。 《每日邮报》和其他媒体相继披露,当时担任切尔西和英格兰队队长的特里,以及他在布鲁斯·韦恩·布里奇的前女友范妮莎·佩伦瑟(Vanessa Peronsel)曾有外遇,而后者甚至怀孕了。

But under Terry's arrangement, the child was aborted and the child was destroyed. This was the "Friendly Wife Gate" incident that shocked the world.


This big scandal greatly impacted Terry’s public opinion and personal image. Captain Iron almost collapsed at the time. No one thought that Terry, who was loyal to the Blues, would betray his wife and teammates in his life. The most shocked in this matter is undoubtedly the England team.


It coincided with the World Cup year, and Capello, the coach of the Three Lions before the war, had to remove Terry from his position as captain under the pressure of public opinion.


The "Friendly Wife Gate" was an extremely significant blow to Terry at the time, but only a year later, the blue captain was on the cusp of the storm again.


On October 23, 2011, in an otherwise unremarkable Premier League match between Chelsea and Queens Park Rangers, in the 85th minute of the match, Terry and the national team’s old partner Ferdinand’s brother, Queen’s Park defender Anton- Ferdinand quarreled and was accused of racial discrimination after the game.


Although Terry was found not guilty in the final trial, the bad impact was huge. First, Terry and Ferdinand, the twin towers of England, broke completely because of this incident. The latter has not forgiven Terry so far.


Secondly, it caused a complete fallout between the FA who wanted to maintain its public image and Capello who favored Terry. The Italians resigned angrily, and the Three Lions fell into turmoil once again.


These two incidents severely damaged Terry’s public image at the time, and those years happened to be the low and turbulent period of the Blues. Terry’s performance also declined. This period is undoubtedly the most important thing for the Blues. Dark moment.


However, now that the time has passed, Terry, who is about to enter the age of confidence, has not been able to reconcile with his old teammates Bridge and Ferdinand, but his wife’s tolerance allowed him to turn back the prodigal son and get out of the trough. He played the second spring of his career in the 2014-15 season. .

但是,现在已经过去了,即将步入自信时代的特里无法与他的老队友布里奇和费迪南德和解,但是他妻子的宽容允许他转回浪子并离开低谷。他在2014-15赛季打了职业生涯的第二个春天。 。

The support given by his wife and children behind the scenes is undoubtedly very important. Now Terry has basically stayed away from all kinds of lace news and is working hard to be a good coach, a good husband and a good father.


Like his good brother Lampard, Terry also chose to work as a coach after retiring to continue to shine in the green field.


However, his coaching career has not been as smooth as Lampard, and he returned to Stamford Bridge to take charge of the Blues in the second season of the transition coach. After retiring from Villa in 2018, he stayed with the team as an assistant to coach Dean Smith, and helped Villa upgrade from the British Championship in the first season of becoming an assistant, and assisted in the just-concluded 2019-20 season. The team succeeded in relegation.

但是,他的执教生涯还没有兰帕德那么顺利,他在过渡教练的第二个赛季回到斯坦福桥负责蓝军。在2018年从维拉退役后,他作为教练迪恩·史密斯(Dean Smith)的助手留在了团队中,并帮助维拉在成为助理的第一个赛季从英国锦标赛升级,并在刚刚结束的2019-20赛季提供了协助。球队成功降级。

Although he is currently only serving as an assistant coach, it seems that Terry’s work has been affirmed by many teams. It has been reported that Bournemouth, who has just been relegated from the Premier League, intends to let Terry take over Eddie Howe’s post. Choosing to let the assistant Dindahl become regular.


In addition, Bristol City has also reported an intention to invite Terry to coach. As the former Leicester City coach Shakespeare joined Villa as the chief assistant earlier this month, Terry may be more determined to stand on his own as the head coach.


Following the example of his old friend Frank Lampard, it seems a realistic choice to go to the British Championship first. Seeing Lampard's successful first season in the Blues, we have reason to believe that Terry will be able to return to Stamford Bridge one day. Write his blue legend.

效仿他的老朋友弗兰克·兰帕德(Frank Lampard)的榜样,首先参加英国锦标赛似乎是一个现实的选择。看到兰帕德在布鲁斯的第一个成功赛季,我们有理由相信特里有一天能够回到斯坦亚博游戏软件福桥。写他的蓝色传奇。

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